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Monday, 5 May 2014

Disclose.tv: Is This An Alien Grey? ◄ Strange Alien Creature Spotted In NASA Enceladus Image★★★

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thumbnail Is This An Alien Grey? ◄ Strange Alien Creature Spotted In NASA Enceladus Image★★★
May 5th 2014, 20:05

Strange Alien Creature In Cocoon Spotted in NASA Enceladus Image. Is This An Alien Grey? Or is this a glimpse of a different kind of Alien ? Saturn moon anomaly. The original image is high resolution and very clear. It shows a being in a cocoon surrounded by a web like material attached to the wall. Is this the alien beings natural state? Or is it some hapless being captured and held captive by something even more frightening for some unknown purpose? The image is somewhat spooky, eerie and makes one ponder what forms of life may have developed on Enceladus. The possibility of this being a human possibly abducted by aliens and trapped there was also considered. There are many tales of alien human abduction. We also have a great many people disappear without a trace every year. The thought of this possibly being a human being is horrifying to say the least. Some background info on Enceladus: Enceladus is Saturn's sixth largest moon. It orbits the densest part of Saturn's diffuse E ring. In 2005 Cassini started multiple close flybys revealing it's surface and atmosphere in greater detail. It discovered a water rich plume venting from the south polar region. Cryovolcanoes near the south pole also shoot geyser like jets of water vapor and other materials including sodium chloride and ice particles at the rate of approximately 200 kilograms per second. Some of it falls back as "snow" and the rest escapes. There was also the finding of escaping internal heat. That combined with the finding of few impact craters, show that Enceladus remains geologically active today. Cassini provided strong evidence that Enceladus has an ocean with an energy source, nutrients, and organic molecules. All that makes Enceladus one of the best places to study and search for potentially habitable environments with extraterrestrial life. The atmosphere of Enceladus is composed of 91% water vapor, 4% nitrogen, Visit us at http://extraterrestrialtv.blogspot.com Link To Original Image: http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/photos/raw/rawimagedetails/index.cfm?imageID=...

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