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About Us

The Gospel Of Luke

Hey world!! My name is Dan I run many blogs and you have managed to find yourself here at Luke's Message. This site was born from a certain friend of mine that will not take no for an answer.

You will notice that conspiracy theories kind of irritate me, in fact I would rather pull my own teeth in the quest to get away from them. The whole purpose for this blog is to accommodate the conspiracy driven needs of a close friend.

This blog will attempt to cover many subjects as they are made aware to me, so I may as well share my suffering with the world. I hope that anyone who visits this blog keeps in mind that I really do feel that there is much more love in this world as opposed to reptilians and government cover ups.

In saying that I like to be entertained and there will be some content I will directly take part in creating. But for the most part Luke (not his real name) is directly responsible for trying to scare the pants off you!

Anyone that knows me well knows that I really hate a good conspiracy theory. My view on most theories is that 99% of the ones you find on the Internet are absolute, total bunk produced by people that should be seeking out counseling rather than distributing their delusional ramblings across the Internet.

My real interest comes from the 1% – those fascinating stories backed up with solid documentation, conclusive evidence, and enough proof to make even the most hard-nosed skeptic sit up and take notice.