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Sunday, 26 February 2017


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Classic Game Room posted "TURBO VOLCANO space mercenaries who rock"

TURBO VOLCANO space mercenaries who rock

As I'm typing this, the final clay model for the Magnum 9000 helicopter in Magnum Skywolf is baking in the oven. 

I was writing more detailed plot and dialog for Ethel Book 2 when I stumbled on an idea that instantly unified all of my comics. I'm not giving it away, but if you loosely consider the concept of what a "universe" and "reality" is, it opens up a world of possibilities.

As it turns out I love the Amazon system of publishing and printing, it works well for me. I'm going to trim the 1st Magnum Skywolf issue down to about 56 pages, like the first Heyzoos book. I want to get it out this year. It's a good first part of a larger installment. (you'll see)

Whereas Magnum Skywolf is clearly inspired by 80s action TV shows, I've been messing around with a book concept inspired by 80s space western cartoons and rock shows when the title I was saving for something else just fit into place (and it clearly needs to be drawn).

TURBO VOLCANO. Could anything be more rad?

It is the dawn of year 4986, 

The center of the galaxy is under the rule of the "Monarch" who controls the population to use as fuel for Life Force (or something like that), basically enslaving billions of people because it takes many souls to keep the monarchy alive forever.

The outer worlds are their next target. Lawless, dirty and full of low life scum watching holo-broadcasts. Just my kind of place.

After discovering a chunk of Earth floating in deep space, Dirk Hasseldorf and Fiona Laserclaww find VHS tapes filled with imagery so cool, so rad, so awesome that they form a band of lawless outcasts called TURBO VOLCANO, the perfect front for an illicit mercanry operation.

Can Turbo Volcano rock the universe while saving it at the same time? Will the monarch collapse beneath the weight of shredding guitars and pounding bass? Are bad guys thrown through double doors and will the keytar shoot ring lasers? Coming December 2017.

Marks's next comic books are:

April - Heyzoos #2

July - Magnum Skywolf #1


PS. I just cracked a beer and I'm doing some research on instruments and western gear like dusters and holsters. This is a challenge, and it'll be fun! 30-40 pages + special features by December. The Magnum 9000 model is now out of the oven, I had to glue a rocket pod back onto it but it looks sweet!!

Check it out

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Brand New Season of Underground 9 March. Only on Stan.

Brand New Season of Underground 9 March. Only on Stan.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

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