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Are "conspiracy theories" gaining traction?

"... let us never tolerate outrageous 'conspiracy theories' concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves..."

The rise of the internet and blogosphere, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and a government and media increasingly blatant in their collusion to deceive and propagandize the American public has led to a gradual public acceptance (or at least an entertainment) of "conspiracy theories" - which the mainstream Jewish-controlled media generally presents as any alternative explanation or interpretation of reality opposing, criticizing, or contradicting the "official narrative" of past and current events. 

In fact, a "conspiracy" is simply two or more individuals acting covertly to carry out an illicit, nefarious, or illegal end, often using deception and treachery, while a "theory" is merely an informed, yet hypothetical proposition explaining a phenomenon or "a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation," according to Dictionary.com. We see conspiracies taking place on a daily basis (robbery or theft, embezzlement, bribery, fraud, etc.), and many serious, professional people (police officers, detectives, lawyers, judges, etc.) theorize about them in order to solve and prevent crimes.

And yet, being labeled a "conspiracy theorist" has traditionally been on par with being labeled a "racist" or an "anti-Semite" - labels most individuals and organizations seek to avoid like the plague.  The very idea that an individual could have an alternative or critical thought about the "official narrative" of any given event, past or present, has been equated with "hate" and "insanity."  Indeed, thinking critically - examining all available information and hypotheses, using logic, and thinking independently - is demonized not only in the mainstream mass media, but also in our formal educational establishment.  People that think for themselves are often portrayed and thought of as "dangerous subversives," "crazed conspiracy theorists," and "irrational hate mongers" - dismissed or ignored by the vast majority of Americans.  But it appears the times are changing, finally.

The mainstream Jewish-controlled mass media in the United States, and much of the Western world, has distorted the actual meaning of "conspiracy theory" and transformed it into a derogatory propagandistic term, which is used to demonize, ostracize, and ultimately discredit any critical thinker actually trying to figure out what is what.  However, overusing the term "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist" has ultimately discredited the very propagandistic term the media and public officials have developed and utilized so well in the past - same regarding the propagandistic term "racist" and "anti-Semite."  When you use and apply terms like these to so many people for so many baseless, ridiculous reasons, the propagandistic effect starts to lose its value.

It appears that ever since Dr. Kevin Barrett pointed out that the phrase "false-flag" - a term often associated with the propagandistic label "conspiracy theory" - has essentially become mainstream, especially after the recent Boston "bombing", many mass media news outlets (including many Jewish news outlets) have had to address the broader public acceptance of the fact that "conspiracy theories" are in fact legitimate explanations of past and current events, painting a much more accurate (if not totally accurate) picture of reality and offering a much more plausible, coherent explanation of various happenings.  Before addressing the mainstream mass media reaction to the wider public acceptable of various "conspiracy theories," I'd first like to discuss the alternative media and "conspiracy industry" - the wide array of voices and personalities offering explanations and interpretations of events most would describe as "conspiracy theories."

A problem confronting many people seeking alternative explanations or views on past and current events is the wide variety of individuals and websites in the alternative media presenting or discussing what are commonly known as "conspiracy theories." It becomes extremely difficult to objectively assess all the information out there and make sense of it all. Many individuals in the alternative media appear to be more interested in rankings, popularity, and/or making a profit than getting to the truth and presenting an accurate picture of reality.

The Jews are behind virtually every "conspiracy theory" 
you read about on the internet, despite 
what Alex Jones and others say.
Numerous individuals and websites promote quite fanciful, and oftentimes ridiculous, "conspiracy theories" about myriad subjects, and either ignore, downplay, or cover up the fact that organized international Jewry sits atop the global power structure, directing and advancing the tyrannical policies we see all around the world. Popular alternative media personalities, such as Alex Jones,constantly refer to "The New World Order" and elitist plans to implement a tyrannical global government, eliminating national sovereignty, free speech, and other Natural Rights endowed by the Creator. However, many of these disingenuous propagandists fail to mention - whether purposefully or not - the fact that organized international Jewry is the driving force behind the entire "New World Order" conspiracy and most otherfalse flag, PSYOP-style events we've seen over the past 10+ years, including 9/11. Most alternative media personalities and those involved in the "conspiracy industry" are simply too afraid or too compromised to address the fact that virtually every "conspiracy" is organized and directed by one particular group of people and their political entity - international Jewry and Zionist Israel.

The prime beneficiary of the various "conspiracies" you can learn about in the alternative media is the criminal, terrorist state of "Israel" and the international network of Jewish criminals largely controlling the Western world - politically, economically, and culturally.  Yet these facts are not openly or widely discussed and explained, even in the alternative media.  And when they are, there are repercussions, often quite negative.

In any case, Ynetnews recently reported that the Israeli embassy is crying and complaining to U.S. officials that television shows like "Veep" and "House of Cards" are "critical of Israel." The Israeli daily quoted a "source" from the Israeli embassy as saying, presumably with a straight face:
"These series present Israel as a country which one should be very careful not to offend, and that anyone daring to criticize it is reprimanded by the Jewish lobby," a senior state official says. "This justifies all conspiracy theories about the Israeli and Jewish control of American politics."
Isn't this type of pathetic drivel insulting?  It is quite obvious that "anyone daring to criticize" Israel in American politics or high society is in fact "reprimanded by the Jewish lobby," oftentimes getting run out of politics, financially and socially ruined, or even murdered.  Also notice, the Israeli embassy official quoted in this story simply invokes "conspiracy theories about the Israeli and Jewish control of American politics," as if that's also not demonstrably provable in numerous cases, in an attempt to discredit or demonize any sort of criticism or "conspiracy theorizing" (i.e., thinking critically) relating to Israeli and Jewish power.

The Jews openly control American politics - it's no secret anymore folks: the Israel/Jewish lobby is the most powerful force in Washington D.C. and Israel gets unwavering financial, political, and diplomatic support from the United States.  Almost all key positions of power in the United States federal government - in the White House, in Congress, in the Supreme Court, etc. - are controlled by Jews, many of whom have or are suspected of having dual citizenship with the terrorist state of Israel.  There is no "conspiracy theory" here - it is a fact the Jews control America.

The extremely subversive and degenerate website Salon.com routinely "investigates" and "exposes" individuals that think, write, and speak critically about issues commonly understood as "conspiracy theories."  Many mainstream websites from a wide variety of viewpointsregularly cover "conspiracy theories" in an attempt to demonize any sort of questioning of the official line.  The Atlantic recently ran this ridiculous headline:

Really?  The Atlantic is attempting to discredit all "conspiracy theories" by associating them with the ridiculous shape shifting lizards theory.  Do they think we're all that stupid?

Perhaps the most revealing recent article relating to "conspiracy theories" came from none other than The Times of Israel, a mainstream Israeli online daily.  Here's the headline:

I'd like to highlight some key excerpts of this article and offer my commentary. As I said, this article is quite revealing for a number of reasons.  The article begins:
Whether it’s the Boston Marathon bombings, the cold-blooded murder of 20 schoolchildren in Connecticut, or the definitive American tragedy of this generation, 9/11, one thing is certain — a cottage industry will arise claiming the event was perpetrated or staged by Jews or Israelis for some nefarious purpose.

A new study out this week — more than four months after a gunman massacred 20 children and six educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut — finds that one-quarter (25 percent) of Americans believe facts about the shooting are being hidden by the government or media and an additional 11% are unsure.

“That’s a terrifying number,” says Farleigh Dickinson University professor Dan Cassino, who commissioned the poll.

“There is a huge swell of theories claiming [Sandy Hook] was faked,” he says. “It’s easy to deride these sorts of conspiracy theories, but they seem to have found an audience.” [...]
Gasp!  Professor Cassino is "terrified" more and more Americans are using their brain and thinking critically and independently about important subjects and events.  The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no reason for any rational individual to actually believe there even was a shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, let alone that 20 children and 6 adults were murdered.  The other events mentioned - the recent Boston "bombings" and 9/11 - and the "official narrative" explaining them are so absurd and ridiculous, any person blindly supporting or believing the government and media version of these events is simply ignorant or compromised.  And yet, "experts" like Professor Cassino would have us believe people even questioning these events are the bad guys.  

The article continues:
But why are Jews so often the subject of conspiracy theories?

Cassino says Jews are blamed for misfortunes today for much the same reason they’ve been blamed for centuries.

“There is a perception of Jews as the Other — a part of society, but still somehow foreign. Couple that with resentment over Jewish success in certain areas of society, and they’ll be blamed for things that are otherwise just ineffable.”

Michael Barkun, a Syracuse University professor emeritus and author of “A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America,” says conspiracy theorists are guided by three main beliefs: nothing happens by accident; everything is connected; and nothing is as it seems.

“If that’s your view of the world, then appearances can’t be trusted. There has to be some hidden reality and linkings that have to be exposed,” he says.

According to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Conspiracy theories are the way weak minds deal with complex situations.” He calls America “probably the most conspiracy-oriented country in the world” and says the problem has gotten worse in recent years.

Why? The Internet.

“The Internet is the perfect place to incubate conspiracy theories,” says Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “Old ones like ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and new ones like the Zionists and the CIA engineered 9/11.”

He says many conspiracy theories of the past died out as those who promulgated them tended to be isolated and unable to reach larger audiences. [...]
You'll notice that the various "experts" and "scholars" paraded in front of the cameras and quoted in the mainstream mass media to "debunk the conspiracy theorists" never actually address the legitimate facts independent investigators bring to light that contradict the "official narrative" of past and current events. They will never engage in an open debate or dialogue. Their tactics are intellectually dishonest and cowardly.  And it's becoming obvious, even to the most deluded. Do they really think they can continue to get away with this sort of nonsense?    
As more and more people around the world start to recognize the reality of the situation we find ourselves in, the global power elite - dominated largely by international Jewry - will continue their efforts to discredit and marginalize independent researchers and activists engaging in critical thinking (i.e., "conspiracy theorizing"), albeit to no avail.  Drastic measures to silence critics of Jewry and those engaging in historical revisionism have been outlined,even by the federal government of the United States.  Just the other day, the World Jewish Congress approved a resolution calling for a ban on public "Holocaust" denial - which basically means a ban on anyone who has actually objectively investigated the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, and concluded the obvious: it is a gigantic hoax.  

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