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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Autoscaling, Ruby 2.4 Deep Dive, & Sydney Region for Private Spaces

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February 2017

Ruby 2.4 Deep Dive: Faster Hashes, Unified Integers and Better Rounding

Jonan Scheffler takes you under the hood to understand the most important features in the new release and how they were built.

Introducing Heroku Autoscaling for Web Dynos

Check out how response-based Autoscaling ensures users of your app always have a good experience. Learn more about the Heroku Operational Experience.

Heroku Arrives in Australia: Announcing the Sydney Region for Private Spaces

Deploy apps in your own private Heroku as a service and reduce latency for your Asia Pacific users.

How We Sped up SNI TLS Handshakes by 5x

Heroku engineer Fred Hebert walks you through how we patched the Erlang SSL library so you can have faster SSL on your custom domains.

Pulling the Thread on Apache Kafka's Compacted Topics

Learn how Heroku engineering debugged Kafka compacted topics and contributed a patch to make Kafka even more performant and operationally stable.

Podcast Coming Soon: A Streamlined Approach to Application Operations

Learn about best practices for monitoring application user experience and how Heroku built autoscaling. The podcast will air on February 28, 2017.



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B Lab

Video: B Lab on Heroku

B Lab built a self-assessment tool on Heroku and used Heroku Connect to keep millions of rows of data in sync with Salesforce. Read more...


Startup Grind

February 21-22 - Redwood City, CA
Visit us at the Heroku booth to learn about our new products and features for startups. Ike DeLorenzo, Director of Product Management is presenting a breakout session titled: "Automated Devops and Delivery for the Product Win: How to Structure Your Team's Work Toward Product, not Plumbing."


February 23-24 – Atlanta, GA
Experience the Heroku platform and our newest offerings with our Java language experts at booth 31. Principal Platform Evangelist James Ward is also presenting talks about Machine Learning, and Apache Kafka on Heroku during this year's event.


March 1 – San Francisco, CA
Stop by the Heroku booth to talk with our Node.js language experts and learn how you can build apps using JavaScript on Heroku. We'll have some special Heroku swag available to give away as well.


New Dev Center Articles


Load Testing Guidelines
Guidelines to follow when performing load testing on the Heroku platform.



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