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AUSTRALIA IS DOOMED                
We Australians are being offered flowers by the Government of Australia, whom is trying to flower up a Republic for Australia to look good. But without a bill of rights to protect the people from their own Government, those flowers won't survive or last. 
Just like other things they promise, but don't deliver (So how did your vote count for a GST Tax system or carbon Tax?) The Monarchy (which are also part of a secret society called The (aka) Bilderberg Group whom are a big part of the U.N. & brake all of our International laws each year by meeting in secret for 3 days a year in a different location each year (planning wars? So many wars in our past have been staged events in order to lure people into war (Look up infowars.com (Endgame) & Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Season 1 Episode 05) whom also dictates all of The Australian Citizens' Rights & will only answer to the Church of England. (The King James Version of The Bible has become our rights?) So to go Republic for Australia would mean the closest thing Australians Citizens have to rights (which means, the right to life itself) will be taken away from all of us & left at the mercy of one life time dictator. 

"VERRY BAD" and nothing but flowers in return that will never stick, and we won't have a right to change it or a right to own anything or a right to be free or even a right to live.
The Never ending Debt
General government consolidated gross debt. US...

The Australian Government wants to lock in the Federal Reserve Bank (ibda) that prints our money (since 1930) & then lends it to our Government
t WITH INTEREST which is needed to be repaid by all Australian Citizens .e.g. The Taxes on Australian own grown &/or made.
if you don't pay your rates, then you lose your home. (So do you really own your own home?) Registration for your car, if our Government worked for its Citizens instead of the Citizens working for its Government, then that shouldn't need to be paid or happen either & we should have been using cleaner & safer natural resources than oil decades ago, like magnetic/electric cars & trains (Magnet cars that can link up like trains that break in & out of formation, opposite poles on magnets which should mean no more collisions (which means, no more deaths (animals to) on our roads (& no more harassments from our so called police whom are meant to protect & serve the public instead protecting an economy that only enslaves us & is all part of their distractions of the truth) nothing touches (then no waste with wear & tear) but our Country still can't afford them (thanks to our Tax system).
in order to travel safer, faster & from city to city & all for free, because they are cheap to run & to maintain, instead of costly means of travel & in natural resources, even our electricity, which should be free, safer & cleaner for all Australians. 
(Look up a man named Nikola Tesla (our Government also uses his technology to manipulate our weather (Look up HAARP) whom also inventoried Alternating current (AC) & (DC) Direct current (batteries) was before his inventive mind & put in Americas 1st power plant, also inventoried the same magnetic motors in our fridges & was working on free energy (by remote control antennas) but when Einstein spilt the atom & found another source of energy that could make money off the people, Nikola Tesla's founding was cancelled at the cost of our own health & our Planet is also suffering to continue to sustain life, with more mines esp. 
(Depleted) Uranium (Look up these 5 documentaries, Beyond Treason, The Beautiful Truth, Unnatural Selection, When the dust settles & another called Dick Smith's Population Puzzle & you will see the effects of Depleted Uranium has on unborn children & Australia is taking on more & more Immigrants while we lose more & more farms & agricultural land to Uranium mines that can never be used again for agriculture) Your Taxes on your pay slips each week, which every Australian works (hard) for, even moving this Country forward into the future, including its needs. 
This scam/system which is designed to just feed one family, instead of feeding the world or this Country or your family, our Australian Citizenship will be locked into a never ending debt & we are made to work in order to live, forever, which means our kids, grandkids, their kids & so on, slaves to one family forever, giving nothing back but another loan to be paid back WITH INTEREST paid by us & our families.
Never Ending War
America fought and won their independence and placed a Bill of Rights for their own Citizens & the country's future and to protect the Citizens from their own Government & from that family that wants to rule the world as one world Government whom are all related to the Monarchy So please, take notice that on the American Bill of rights it is written that "TAXES ARE VOLUNTARY". 
But thanks to 43 (of 55) American Presidents that are related to the Queen, they have failed to brain wash the importance of their Rights that their forefathers fought for, therefore they have & maintain a Federal Reserve Bank (since 1913) that demands Taxes from most to all Americans. (The Titanic which was designed to sink (in 1912) killed a lot of powerful & rich people on their way or coming back to America & the worlds power at that time fell into fewer hands & followed by a world war (in 1914 - 1919) also Look up Eleanor McBean PhD, ND, Swine Flu Expose, Chapter 2, excerpts: all of the signs of what people were being Vaccinated for, were dying within 48hrs of showing the same symptoms (called the 1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic) where 50 million worldwide died within 2yrs (from their own Vaccinations) which kept the people of America occupied during this takeover of their rights)

WAKING UP TO SLAVERY                                   
We are slaves to one family & if we let our Government take away our rights for life, so we will never have a right to change it or own anything. Unless we speak up & if need be go to WAR on our own (ibda) Government. (If you haven't already noticed) We are already at WAR (a drug WAR is still a WAR on its own Citizens) in the bible, Jesus says "people will need to be saved" But since our Governments are being led by secret societies, they are all now guilty of WAR CRIMES against humanity. 
global slavery
Wake Up To Global Slavery

Including our Judges, the Prosecutors' & any of the arresting (for drugs) police officers should all be held accountable for WAR CRIMES against humanity (Nazi soldiers killed millions in concentration camps, whom were just obeying their orders) Tobacco plants don't grow naturally with insectaries, rat sack & other toxins that are in cigarettes & for the sake of an economy we are not allowed to grow our own (so those Government warnings on cigarette packets is just helping the Government rub #@&% in your face for those whom are addicted to the chemicals and toxins and some deliberately put in by our Government (as well as the tobacco plant) Government drugs aren't safe either, esp.

Vaccinations (Look up a documentary called Vaccination - The Hidden Truth & you will see that Some Vaccinations bring on some Disorders) Mental Health (DSM is a voting Program with little - to no science (Look up 2 documentaries called Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM) Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam & Dead Wrong) AIDs (the meds to prevent AIDs when found with HIV Positive brings on AIDs for people that have HIV Positive & further research can't find how HIV Positive brings on the AIDs virus (Look up a documentary called The Other Side of AIDs) & allowing chemicals, drugs & toxins in our food, air & water (Look up Chemtrails, fluoride deception, Aspartame & order a book online called the chemical maze to protect yourself) .

We the people are losing while suffering from this WAR!? By making our streets, Planet & way of life unsafe by targeting its public instead of the Corporations that poison the Planet & public daily (not even drug addicts want their own kids on drugs, so how about concentrating on teaching our kids the dangers of misusing drugs, overdoses & their side effects (just try to Imation the confidence you would have in your fellow man if we were taught more about our own system, rather than an economy system).

The Government is also guilty of brain washing the public with propaganda (Look up a documentary called Outfoxed & you will begin to realise just how much they are capable of manipulating the public) in order for us to believe that this is how life should be & in order to continue this WAR on its own Citizens…

Peter Hartley 2013, Like the Monarchy & other original tribal names I'm a 1st Born (Hartley) for nearly 1000 yrs (before 1066 A.D. you only had one name with maybe a title after your name but no Surname till 1066 A.D.) & that was when my Family Name Ruled over the Heart of England, the Monarchy now is of German descent and changed their name to Windsor during the 1st World War, in order to sound more English, when England was at War with Germany & wanted to join Germany again in the beginning of the 2nd World War, I'm a 1st born, from a true English Family Name & now 1st born in this Country which I now call home, Australia…

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