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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Disclose.tv: But You Actually put on all but a muscle

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thumbnail But You Actually put on all but a muscle
May 1st 2014, 16:26

Pants that mean nine months ago when I started techniques out the whole hey I can make to dress that yes okay yeah I remember putting these pants finance these buttons are straining for me to get him I know how big it is our 24's and I meant about now you're after size classical history times it is in 99 C nine months I am laser's back from the dead the person but I recognize is back such as the personal outside it's the person I recognize me inside refinery rat yeah I am perfect the. Big way and forth first time at doctor said if you want to see how far you come I UK I'll boom for selling are you doing actor Zachary ago we got allot of members tax-free if her revaluation one other things we look at your body zen cleanse composition most have the people we have to do this will lose almost exclusively body fat someone lose little bit a muscle but not much but you actually put on all but a muscle during all this I am the weight loss that you see on the scale underestimates the amount of fat loss you've had passion is a solution you feel even better about she was losing body fat putting on muscle mass and this can be very frustrating to allot of people they don't know that's what's going on use came to us with a percent body fat A percent over half your body the Arafat are fine and your now sit here with 20 9.8

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