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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Affiliate Update: Survey Recap, Promoting a Universal HTTPS Usage

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2016 Affiliate Survey Recap: Over 96% Program Satisfaction, $6 Million Paid in Commissions
2016 was the most successful in the history of SiteGround and one of the key success factors was the relationship with our affiliate partners. During the past year we welcomed 63% more affiliates and witnessed a 60% increase in the number of the affiliate sales. As a result, we distributed nearly $6 million in affiliate commissions! The best of all - the reason number one for most of our affiliates to recommend us in 2016 was the quality of our hosting service. Check out the full affiliate survey recap post.
Promoting a Universal HTTPS Usage
Having an SSL certificate is becoming quite important and we make serious efforts to increase the HTTPS usage among our customers. We now automatically issue a free Let's Encrypt certificate for every site. We provide a one-click HTTPS switch for WordPress. Our free Cloudflare plan already supports SSL. Tell your audience about our commitment to HTTPS as a strong reason to choose us!
Our Affiliate of the Month: Flothemes
Our Affiliate of the Month Flothemes are great at spotting and riding the trends. After several clients asked them how to move from one hosted website builder to an independent hosting provider with WordPress, they started thinking how to attract more of this profile. The result was a series of articles for people who have made up their minds and just need the know-how to move.
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