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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Classic Game Room posted "Who can loan Astrocade or Virtual Boy?"

Who can loan Astrocade or Virtual Boy?

Imagine the Death Star if it was a book and made from wood grain. That's my console book in production.

As you probably know I basically own a video game museum at this point. While I'm currently unable to open the doors and make it a destination, I am using my tremendous resources to write and create the greatest video game console review, photo and collecting guide book in the universe. All about  game consoles and computers like the MSX.

I'm making it into a film at the same time (using the same camera!), started photography yesterday with the Vectrex and some stuff on loan from our friend Mark in Michigan.

Apparently I have something like 80 game consoles, and that's not including the duplicate Segas. Believe it or not I'm missing a few.

Would anyone be willing to loan me a Bally Astrocade, Coleco Telstar, nGage, Virtual Boy, Odyssey 2 or something I'm cleary missing for a few weeks as I photograph and film them? If so shoot me a message, I'm hoping to release the book around June, and the film later in the year in physical clamshell and Amazon video.

Thank you again!

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