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Friday, 17 February 2017

A Content Library for your Social Networks in just a few clicks


Hi Dan, how's it going??

Have you noticed the panel which opens to the right on your Postcron account? This is the Content Gallery, a true library of content (posts, link, images, etc) available in just a few short clicks! 

It allows you to: 

  • Obtain recommended link to easily share with your public.  
  • Add RSS Channels with the end goal of getting one or various websites of interest for your audience and republishing content.  
  • Find attractive content on Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest.
  • Reuse posts that you uploaded the and bulk upload feature

If you need any additional help on starting to use this feature i've left you a tutorial where I tell you step by step how to use the Content Gallery and get the most out of it (or you can watch this video:) ). 

And if any doubts, write me! I'll be here awaiting your consults and suggestions in order to be able to help you! 


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