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Monday, 20 February 2017

Register as a QParents Account Owner

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 Register as a QParents Account Owner  


You have been nominated as the QParents Account Owner for Talisha Collyer by Trinity Bay State High School.

To register for QParents you will need:

1. Your unique invitation code (see below)

2. 100 Points of identification to verify your identity online (see below)

3. Your child's (or children's) EQID(s) (see below)

Click here to begin the registration process.

Invitation Code

Your unique Invitation Code is: 205500-A740509. It will be automatically entered when you click the link above.

100 Points of Identification

To verify your identity online you can use a combination of the following documents that adds up to 100 points or more:

  • Australian Passport (50 points)
  • Australian Drivers Licence (50 points)
  • Australian Birth Certificate (50 points)
  • Australian Marriage Certificate (40 points)
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate (40 points)
  • Australian Change of Name Certificate (40 points)
  • Medicare Card (20 points)
  • Australian Visa (Foreign Passport)(20 points)

If you only have 60 to 90 points of identification, you can still register, but you might be required to attend your school at a later date for an additional check.


Your child's EQID consists of 10 numbers and one letter. It can be found on your child's student ID card (the numbers under the barcode), report cards, or school invoices, among other documents. You might also have recently received an introductory letter about QParents with your child's EQID. Please note that it is not the same as the invitation code above.

What is QParents?

QParents is a new, more convenient way for parents to access their children's schooling information and interact with their school.Learn more about QParents.

About this email

The QParents Account Owner nominations are done individually for each child by your school. If you have other children, you may receive other QParents Account Owner nominations.

Please talk to the school administrative office at Trinity Bay State High School on (07) 4037 5222 if you would prefer another parent to receive this student's QParents Account Owner nomination.

If you do not wish to register a QParents Account, you should simply disregard this email.

Help and more information

Further help with registering for QParents can be found on the Help page.

You can also consult the QParents Registration Quick Reference Guide.

If you have any other questions or require some assistance with the registration process, please contact 13QGOV (137468).

We hope that you enjoy the convenience of using QParents.


NOTE: Please do not reply to this email as it was sent from an automated mailbox which does not monitor responses.

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