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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Classic Game Room posted "A gift from Game Sack"

A gift from Game Sack

Joe from Game Sack said "Hey you wanna borrow the XE-1AP controller for your MUSHA review film"? 

I'm all like "Whu??"

Joe - "It's the craziest controller you've ever seen."

Me - "Crazier than the Hori RAP4 Vewlix Premium Fight Stick?"

Joe - "Yeah. I hate Sega."

Me - "Really? I thought you liked Sega."

Joe - "No, I hate them. I only say that so that people like me. I also hate Transformers. They suck. I hate robots. I hate vehicles. I hate robots that turn into vehicles."

Me - "You sound sad."

Joe - "No, I happy to hate robots that turn into vehicles. It fills my heart with joy. I like to play with Shopkins."

Then the call dropped. Odd. Anyway, here's the video.


Check it out

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