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Monday, 13 February 2017

Classic Game Room posted "A new drawing video! New week!"

A new drawing video! New week!

Gaming stuff will return tomorrow, but beforehand here's the first look at Ethel Book 2.

I try to draw a bit every day, and started digging into the heavier sketches this afternoon on the iPad Pro. I'm writing and sketching the whole book this way, in fact I'm doing all my books (drawing and layouts) on this thing. It works really well for my workflow.

In book 2 the team of Ethel, Heyzoos, Wind Squid, Space Gar, ERROL and Edit-Station 1 try and assemble the five pieces of Squidtrex. Madness and chaos follow, as well as the bloodiest space roller derby ninja battle scene ever created.

Thanks for answering my post earlier, I was curious to see what most people thought. I also think it's a combination of the two, but I'm also concerned that the current format isn't appealing to new viewers. Anyway, just curious. Nothing to be alarmed about!

Heyzoos Book 1 SE, which features a bunch of the Disco 8-Track comics and drawings, is out now in print and on kindle if you want to own Heyzoos for real (sort of, he's a mess)


See you this week with reviews of the Analogue  NT Mini, Iron Tank and maybe PS2 Shinobi. That game kicked my ass, stuck on Level 4B end boss and I don't think I'm able to get past it. 


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