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Friday, 10 February 2017

Classic Game Room posted "What books do you want? CGR 2017 release schedule"

What books do you want? CGR 2017 release schedule

I'll attach the first review from the Classic Game Room Wall of Plastic Sci-Fi Babes. I am dedicating an entire wall in the studio to plastic science fiction ladies.

Ok, here's a release schedule I've been working on for a few weeks now. Odds are this will change by the end of the year because I have my limits, but these are the CGR projects, in addition to reviews, as I see them emerging in 2017 & into 2018. January saw the release of Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 1 in print on Amazon and it's doing really well and feedback has been spectacular, very excited about books this year.

February: Heyzoos #1 Special Edition print book. Amazon exclusive (+ Kindle) I'm re-printing 2014's Heyzoos #1 with 30 pages or more of bonus sketches, the Disco 8-Track comic strips and more.

March: CGR "How to" Book. Print & Kindle via Amazon. Title remains secret, but it's coming along nicely. You learn, you'll laugh, you'll laugh some more. You will come away smarter.

April: CGR "Console Collecting Guide", title un-decided. Print & Kindle via Amazon. Great fun for everyone.

May: CGR Feature Review 2 & 3 Kickstarter for 2 films, Feature Reviews of Herzog Zwei and Revenge of Shinobi. End of year delivery.

June: Heyzoos #2 Print book & Kindle via Amazon. Heyzoos reviews a game called Speedy the Hedgehog or something. It's odd.

July: CGR Supreme Series 2 Kickstarter. End of 2017 delivery.

August: Ethel Book 2 Hardcover Kickstarter. May include an Ethel Book 1 Hardcover, but that's TBD.

September: CGR Console Collecting Guide film on Amazon

October: CGR Feature Review 4: Omega Boost Kickstarter

November: CGR "Retromegatrex" Hardcover coffee table book series Kickstarter. Holy shit this is going to be amazing. Genesis, 2600, NES & Vectrex leading off.

December: CGR Supreme Series 3 Kickstarter. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, Magnum Skywolf #1 on Amazon. The comic books are really tough but it's my hobby. This one is written but it's a challenge to complete and it's awesome. Maybe Heyzoos #3, let's see how the 1st 2 do. They're easier to write (because he's insane and they don't need to make sense) 

There you go. That's a lot, and some of the Kickstarters may transform into Amazon direct releases instead. I can't print hardcover through Amazon which requires a shitload of money (to be honest) and that really requires Kickstarter.

CGR Feature Reviews and CGR Supreme are the flagship CGR video series. I'm pleased as punch with the 1st ones so far and can't wait to get your feedback.

Now... what kinds of books do you want in the future? What is the market really missing? Keep in mind my strengths are humor, sarcasm, art design and photography.


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