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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Get to Know Our Built-In Apps

Get more out of Zapier with our built-in apps. You can schedule, format, and delay your data, plus set up custom notifications via SMS or email.
Try one of Zapier's built-in apps. Turn on your images to see their logos!
Get to Know Zapier's Built-In Apps
We love apps—Zapier connects more than 500 of them. And we've built a few of our own, too.
Our built-in apps are like add-ons that upgrade your favorite tools. Use these building blocks to take your workflows to the next level.
Run a Zap every day, week or month. You set the schedule, and we'll handle the heavy lifting. Learn more
Transform, truncate, convert, and extract info on the fly. It's like alchemy for your app data. Learn more
Put a workflow on hold, and automate on your timeline. Delay is the traffic cop for your data. Learn more
Can we have your number? You can plug it into any Zap to get text message alerts wherever, whenever. Learn more
Create Actions using custom JavaScript or Python. If you can dream it you can build it. Learn more
We also have free tools for everything from managing your email to checking the weather. Combine them with your apps and reclaim your time.
Meet the Whole Family
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Spend five minutes setting up a Zap, and it'll save you hours of busy work. What are you waiting for?
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