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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Hi ​Dan! Welcome to Postcron (and please, do not make this terrible mistake)

Hi Dan

My name is Lucas, I am the CEO of Postcron and I also wanted to say welcome and give you a little advice so you do Not commit the tragic error that the majority of brands do, without even knowing it, on social networks... 

their products and their offers.

And let's face it,

When was the last time you went on Facebook to see if your favorite brand of soap was giving a discount? Or  you rejoice to see that now you can buy 2 socks for the price of one and decided to share it with your friends?

Ok, so this is what your have to do: 

First keep in mind that people use the Internet (and all Social Networks) for mainly two reasons:

Entertainment and Information.

So be it that you strive to achieve one of these 2 motives,  then you're on track. And...

Of course, if it was so simple we wouldn't be on a computer, but rather a TV show or movie!

Because of this, in the following mailing I am going to tell you 2 simple techniques for generating content that connect with your followers (this mailing is already as long as a book, thanks if you have made it this far!)

Now, if you are using Postcron for the first time and have any concerns, comment or you simply want to be in contact, you can reply to this mailing  grinning


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