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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Last Notification: Your CMS Commander account will be deleted in 3 days.


Important Information Regarding Your Account

Hi Dan Collyer,

as I wrote you last week your CMS Commander account registered under danialcollyer@gmail.com has been flagged for deletion due to inactivity.

We delete old or inactive accounts once per year. If you are still interested in using CMS Commander to manage all your WordPress sites from our powerful dashboard please simply login to your account to reactivate it for free and prevent it from getting deleted.

You can keep using your account for free to manage up to 3 WP sites or you can choose to upgrade to premium at a great discount and get access to many additional features (automatic backups, autoblogging + marketing tools and more ).
Access your account: Go here to login to CMS Commander with your email.
Forgot your password? Request a new one here.
After logging in you can choose whether you want to keep using CMS Commander for free, whether you want to upgrade to a premium plan or whether you want us to delete your account.

No matter what option you choose I would like to thank you for having been a part of CMS Commander and best wishes for your business and success in 2017.

Best regards,
Thomas Hoefter