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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Need some inspiration? Real workflows from real companies

Copy these workflows from some of our most productive customers. You can tweak them to match your processes.
Zapier Workflows that Save Real Teams, Real Time
Need a bit of automation inspiration? Copy these time-saving workflows from some of our most productive users.
How Soylent Uses Zapier to Automatically Transcribe Phone Calls
When you're talking to a lawyer who bills at $500 per hour, every word is worth a couple bucks. So the team at Soylent set up a workflow to catalog every conversation—and they don't need to lift a finger.
How 5 Zapier Power Users Automate their Businesses with Multi-Step Zaps
Multi-Step Zaps open up a lot of automation possibilities. Here are some ideas from our power users to spark your next great Zap.
Did you know? In your Task History, you can see every Task that your Zaps have automated. It's great for troubleshooting (and reveling in your time-saving skills).
How Coffee Subscription Company MistoBox Uses Zapier to Manage their Customer Lifecycle
Find out which apps and workflows the small-but-mighty team at MistoBox uses to manage a global coffee pipeline.
Build a Prototype Without Code: Rely on Apps, Integrations and APIs
From the White House to your backyard, teams across the globe use Zapier—in lieu of code—to test their moonshot ideas in minutes.
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