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Saturday, 11 February 2017

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Ice Strawberry

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Ice Strawberry E-Liquid: Ice strawberry e-liquid is a lighter version to strawberry and cream e-liquid. Its just as delicious but just a much lighter fresher vape. Nicotine e-liquid from zero to 18mg.
Ice Blueberry Blast

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eliquid/10ml-11.jpg"}}" width="274 height="125" alt="Blueberry e-liquid" /> Now you can have your cake and vape on it! Ice Blueberry Blast has that added fresh crisp cooling taste too for one sensational vaping experience. 0mg to 24mg Nicotine strength available.
Ice Watermelon

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Ice Watermelon E-Liquid: Grab a beer with this magnificent mentholated watermelon vaping e-liquid and chill with your mates. It's simply an awesome experience with friends........... 0mg to 24mg Nicotine strength.
Watermelon Splash

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eliquid/10ml-18.jpg"}}" width="274 height="125" alt="watermelon e-liquid Australia" /> Juicy fruity and just dam right refreshing, that's all you need to know about this most popular ejuice. Suggested Nicotine strength is from 6mg to 18mg.
Juicy Raspberry

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eliquid/10ml-13.jpg"}}" width="274 height="125" alt="Raspberry e-lquid" /> Smooth Raspberry tart with all the sweetness from Raspberries make our Juicy raspberry e-liquid a great hit of fruit ejuice!

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