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Sunday, 5 February 2017

The single most powerful way to share with Buffer

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Hey there,

Caro here from Buffer! I wanted to touch base with you to see how it's going as you dive into Buffer. Similar to searching for the meaning of life, I like to default to Socrates here. I took a peek into his Buffer and it looks like it's full to the brim with some great posts:

Socrates loves the Buffer browser extension!

Who knew Socrates was a cat guy? When asking him how he consistently posts great content, he told me he schedules all posts using the Buffer extension. That way he never misses a beat and can schedule posts right when they come to him.

Buffer's browser extension is the fan favorite when it comes to features. It will allow you to add posts to your Buffer from any article or website you are browsing without having to leave the page you start on. Simply hit the Buffer icon and we'll help you share it.

Grab the Browser Extension

Enjoy Buffering! :)


Caro and the Buffer Team


P.S. We're always around and love hearing from you. Please get in touch if you want to ask something or even just to say hello :)


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