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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Tip for saving the most time


Hi Dan,

As you know, through Postcron you can program your publications to save time working on Social Networks and ensure that you always maintain all your accounts active. 

Now, I want to show you the best way to take practicality to the max with the help of the Postcron Extension for Chrome

You only have to: 

  1. install the Postcron extension on Chrome
  2. and then, directly schedule posts on your social accounts from whatever page you find them on.
    Without needing to directly log on to each social account when you find an article or image that you want to share with your audience, as you can see in the following gif.  

I hope you liked the tip and start to use the Postcron Extension for Chrome right now and keep your social accounts active and with current content! 

See you soon!

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