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Saturday, 4 February 2017

What you have to do

Hi Dan!

In the previous email, I told you about a tragic error that the majority of brands on Social Media commit and how to avoid it by going in favor of your followers (they are on the web mainly to be informed and entertained) in lieu of doing infinite "autopromo". 

Now, the whole world can't produce bomb content 24 hours a day. 

So here are 2 simple tricks for creating interesting and entertaining content.
Both are based on super-tested techniques on TV, newspapers and magazines. And they work like a bazooka nuke. 

It's geared towards the idea of "Letting the light shine on others"

This is, letting the focus fall on someone else instead of your brand or yourself. You can choose someone that is already popular among your audience, or someone unknown but who has a lot of value to bring. And this, asides from creating content your readers love, has other extra benefits that I'll tell you in just a few.

Technique No. 1: The Host 

The typical interview is the most simple example. Here you take a step back to let the focus be on your invited guest. 

The key here is to invite a guest who is interesting for your audience and bring an attractive rhythm and form to the interview (whether it's a text, audio or video).  

Let's say you don't have any contacts or you don't know what to ask in order for the interview to be interesting (don't worry, this is easily solved, you only need to concentrate on telling a story), so in this case you have a very simple solution: 

Technique No. 2: Automatically obtain good content to share. 

Ok, this is one of my favorites wink 

For example, let's say that you're the Community Manager of a clothing line, okay?  (put it in context to your market): 

By using Postcron's Content Recommender, you'll be able to obtain hundreds of articles of great interest to your public and best of all it's automatic! 

How? you simply must select between 5 to 10 influencers from your category (your twitter account) and then select the terms or keywords which your public are interested in! Postcron will show  you the articles that they shared about the terms that matter to your audience!

If they are very interested in the theme of following a clothing brand, surely they'll be interested in fashion. So just give them a mountain of quality material, without auto promoting or asking them for anything in return. Isn't it great? 

But the benefit doesn't stop at pleasing your readers (and believe me, when they get quality content, yours or others, they'll come back for more, but also the authors of the content will feel attributed, and probably thankful, even flattered to be mentioned and will certainly go show this to their own public. 

Or even by summarizing, you have: ·

  • Great recommended content for your public 
  • Fortify relations with people in your sector 
  • You attract more Traffic, while promoting these people 

A Not bad for a post that you can automatically do in 5 minutes, no? 

Best regards! 

Lucas Emma
CEO at

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