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Friday, 3 February 2017

Get your social media in shape [+ free PDF]

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Let's get your social media

profiles in great shape!

Managing multiple social media profiles can be struggle, so it's only natural if some things slips the net.
Download our Social Media Health Check to stay on track with your strategy, posting frequency and general best practices.

Is acing social media one of your marketing resolutions?

According to Statistic Brain, only 58.4% of us stick to our resolutions four weeks after new year's. We're here to keep you going and add a bit of calm into your hectic schedules!

Enjoy our free handy health check template that helps you track social media successes and keep your profiles in good health.

Are you making any of these 21 mistakes?

While we're on the subject of improving things, why not talk about the not-so-great things we do on Twitter. Have you been good or have you made one of the mistakes marketers shouldn't do?

P.S. If you're taking this network seriously (or aspire to), it's worth reading up on the main rules of engagement on Twitter for business.


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To help us better understand the challenges of social marketers, we'd love to hear your thoughts, along with a bit about how you and your organisation use social media.
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