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Friday, 3 February 2017

Important: Your account was flagged for deletion due to inactivity. Please read.


Important Information Regarding Your Account

Hi Dan Collyer,

Your CMS Commander account registered with the email danialcollyer@gmail.com has been flagged for possible deletion due to its age or inactivity.

Since we delete inactive accounts once per year I wanted to check whether you are still interested in using our service. If not please simply confirm the deletion with the link below.

To refresh your memory CMS Commander is a service you signed up for to manage multiple WordPress sites from our powerful dashboard. Our marketing and management tools help webmasters like you to save time and earn more!

If you want you can keep using your account for free, or you can upgrade it at a great discount. Of course we can also delete it if you don't need it anymore. Please follow the link below or read on for more details.
Access your account: Go here to login to CMS Commander with your email.
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a) Use CMS Commander For Free On 3 Websites

Our basic plan is free forever, so why not take advantage of that? It allows you to manage up to 3 blogs in our dashboard with access to all basic features. To let us know you are still interested in using CMS Commander for free simply log in to your account with this link:

Login now to keep using CMS Commander for free.

b) Subscribe To A Premium Plan And Get A Special Discount

Want a lot more power? With a premium account you can manage all your sites and get access to autoblogging features, automatic backups, affiliate marketing tools, backlink tracking, SEO and much more!

With the many updates we have released over the last months we are now more confident than ever that CMS Commander is the best solution to manage, optimize and monitor WordPress sites. Simply follow the link below to get access to your welcome back discount:

Login now and claim your 30% off welcome back discount.
c) Delete Your CMS Commander Account

If you are not interested in our service anymore and want to go back to managing your sites the hard way that's ok with us as well. Please login to your account one last time to confirm the deletion:

Login to confirm that you want us to delete your account.


Curious what is new in CMS Commander since you last used our service? Check out our update blog to see new features we have recently added.


No matter what option you choose I would like to thank you for having been a part of CMS Commander and best wishes for your business and success in 2017.

Best regards,
Thomas Hoefter