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Friday, 10 February 2017

Your February Creator Newsletter πŸš€

February Creator Newsletter
The creator community on Patreon is leveling up, with new features (below), new advice (below the below), and new insights (the belowest).

Product Updates πŸŽ‰

Explore on Patreon
Out with the old, in with the new! Our new Explore page does, approximately, a 429003x better job at helping you browse creators on Patreon, and we're really excited about it. Check it out here.
Coming Soon: Social Connect
Ever run across a creator's Patreon page and thought, "woah, since when are they on Patreon?!" We're fixing that problem with Social Connect, where you'll connect your social profiles to find the creators you already love on Patreon.
Straight from the Blog
Manage your community. Market your work. Grow your income. 
At a loss for words?
Talking about your work is hard... don't worry, we'll help
Managing communities
5 tips from the best in the biz on keeping a thriving community
Hobby to career
How Monica Byrne turned her passion into a creative career
One Last Thing
A Note from Jamie, our Experience Researcher πŸ’‘
Hey there creators. We know y'all love to seek inspiration by looking left and right, and in fact, we encourage it! When we asked you where you got your inspiration and information for using Patreon, 60% of responders said they look to other creators' pages and 55% specifically look to other creators they know. I encourage you to not only check out your fellow creator's pages for ideas and #inpso, but also to reach out to each other for tips, tricks, or a second pair of eyes.
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